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Nuts for Hareeseh

Nuts for Hareeseh

We’ve posted about hareeseh before and its impressive simplicity. Today we give you gratuitous photos of our beloved dessert, made in a circular dish and topped not only with almonds, but also chopped pistachio. I was in a “more is more” kind of mood–the type that’s fueled by too much caffeine, is followed by a swift uptick in dopamine, and results in magical thinking where you believe using ALL THE NUTS is an act of gastronomic genius. Lots of people have asked how to cut the design into the pre-baked batter; we’ve provided a couple of how-to videos (i.e. watch and figure it out) to help. I don’t know how to do fancy things with videos, like insert text or emojis, so these are very basic. When I learn to film on an iPhone, cook, and give instructions–all at the same time–you guys will be the first to witness that train wreck.

Sahtein and Happy Sunday!


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