Rediscovering Palestinian Cuisine

Intifooda + Olio Culinary Collective Palestinian Dinner

Intifooda + Olio Culinary Collective Palestinian Dinner

We’ve been a bit lazy about posting recently but wanted to share with you something exciting. Intifooda is honored to partner with Olio Culinary Collective to bring you a 4-course Palestinian dinner on August 18th. We’re of course keeping it seasonal and using both local New England and imported Palestinian ingredients, and as little purchases from Amazon as possible *wink*. We are pleased to feature Taybeh beer from Palestine, as well as Akkawi cheese made locally in Sommerville. Proceeds will go to both Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) and a wonderful Boston non-profit called ReVision Urban Farm, whose mission is to provide affordable, nutritious and locally grown food to the community. The dinner is small (seats 10-12 people), casual, and intimate–hosted at a home in Brookline, MA. We’d love to meet more members of this community, so please consider reserving your Saturday for a good cause and even better food! Details of the event are in the link below:

As we always say, Palestinian cuisine is not just dates, yogurt, rice, and lamb. Sample the rich tapestry of flavors through our dinner’s summer menu:

Limonana – Palestinian mint lemonade
Taybeh beer from Palestine

Mana’eesh (za’atar topped flatbread), Grilled zucchini + yogurt mint sauce, Watermelon + Akkawi cheese, Arabic chopped tomato, cucumber, and onion salad

Chicken Kebab, served with pita
Yogurt, garlic, and lemon marinade, Arabic 7-spice, tahina sauce

Firm white fish with Basmati rice, toasted almonds, and caramelized onions, served with shatta (Arabic red chili paste), and Amba (pickled mango)

Znoud El Sit
Ashta cream in phyllo dough, topped with orange blossom syrup, ground pistachios, and served with a dollop of rose petal jam
Fresh figs

Coffee, tea served upon request

*menu subject to local availability*

If you have any allergies/restrictions, please email Rain @

Check back for some behind the scenes test-kitchen outtakes in the coming week. See you soon!



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