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Intifooda + Olio Preview: Khobez (Arabic bread) and dessert

Intifooda + Olio Preview: Khobez (Arabic bread) and dessert

Khobez, or Arabic bread (aka pita) is a one of the most delicious, versatile, and satisfying foods one can make. It’s the basis of every great meal in the Middle East: the utensil for dips, the vessel for kebab and falafel, and the best way to deliver zeit ou za’atar (olive oil + za’atar), which is found on every Palestinian table. Bread is considered something sacred in the Middle East–it is, after all, called the ”staff of life'” due to its simple ingredients and its ability to nourish generations of human beings since our earliest agricultural beginnings.

I will feed my neighborhood with this

If you want the kind of thick, fluffy, and substantial Arabic bread your dreams are made of, come on-a my house Saturday the 18th. How do we do we create such enviable bread? As the lovely Celine Semaan would say, it’s Arab Girl Magic. And because we never do anything halfway, a little Znoud el Sit (Ashta cream pastry) and Arabic coffee perfumed with cardamom for good measure. The type of coffee that gets your heart pumping and provides energy for making 17 batches of Arabic bread on a Wednesday, therefore completing the circle of life (coffee—> bread —> coffee). Make this Saturday your gluten cheat day, because some things in life are worth one evening’s carb coma.

Znoud and liquid life
Zeit ou Za’atar


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