Rediscovering Palestinian Cuisine

Highlights from Intifooda + Olio Dinner

Highlights from Intifooda + Olio Dinner

I don’t need to tell you this again, but we had a blast with all of you! It was a sold-out dinner (plus some) that helped us benefit Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and ReVision Urban Farm. We are grateful you took the time to attend and spend an evening making new friends or reconnecting with old ones. The support for this event was overwhelming as was the positivity you graced us with, and we hope to bring you more like it in the future.

While I am new to hosting a restaurant-style dinner in my home (if this wasn’t evident by my abrupt exits and entrances through the kitchen door, which nearly knocked some people unconscious), it left me feeling uniquely bonded to my guests and reinvigorated my excitement in Palestinian cuisine. It is a vastly different experience to prepare a meal for a large group than to cook for oneself; ultimately one more satisfying. My relationship with cooking Palestinian food is like that of long marriage or friendship: periods of bliss and periods of frustration, elation and boredom, painstakingly re-creating those old recipes, then wishing for something new–but underpinning everything, enduring love.

Thank you to Taybeh Beer for donating the alcoholic refreshments. We were so proud to feature a Palestinian brand–and try some of that honey-tinged dark malt.

Thank you to Chef Rain Abdelrazaq from Olio Culinary Collective for partnering with us to host this event, and for your time and culinary expertise, as well as to Rebecca and Kai, also from Olio, who helped this event run smoothly. It would not have been possible without Olio’s generous support for small fundraising events such as this. Somehow we fit 16 people into a Boston apartment, overcame the August humidity, flame roasted food on the stove without burning the apartment down, and found my iPhone at the end of the evening resting comfortably in the toaster. Memories…

Sayadieh with shatta and pickled mango, served skin-side up
The Limonana station

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