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2019 Saveur Blog Awards – “Most Groundbreaking Voice”

2019 Saveur Blog Awards – “Most Groundbreaking Voice”


I was just recently informed by my dear Sahar @sahars.plate that Intifooda was selected as a finalist in the 2019 Saveur Blog Awards in the “Most Groundbreaking Voice” category. Out of 15,000 nominations, 66 finalists were selected. It’s humbling (and a bit unbelievable) that this little blog, written with passion and devotion to Palestinian food, made the list. We’ve had so many people encourage us along the way, which made it harder (in the best way possible) to give up. It’s no secret we both work emotionally demanding full time jobs in healthcare and attending to this blog sometimes takes any and all the extra energy we can muster. I promise we’re cooking and photographing and writing as much as we’re able and hope to bring you much more in the future. But as I’ve said before, it’s a labor of love–an immersion in a rich and alive culture and legacy, regardless of how separated we are by oceans, nations, or arbitrary boundaries.

Thank you so very much for voting us in as finalists, and please vote for us every day until the end!


Love, Rasha & Rasha



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